Good Night Child

Guiding Families to Restful Nights and Better Days

Mary Riggs

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Serving San Diego

& surrounding areas

Did you know that one of the most challenging issues for parents of young children is making sure they are getting the right amount of quality sleep?  If your baby is struggling to fall asleep, you are all struggling.

Your are not alone if any of these sound familiar:

Bedtimes and naptimes have become dreaded times of every day...

Your child wakes earlier and earlier in the mornings...

Your own sleep is fragmented and you feel exhausted, cranky, and guilty...

You have tried other sleep training methods, with little or only temporary relief...

You would like to learn more about how to begin shaping the sleep of your newborn,

    laying the foundation of good sleep habits.

And you do not have to be alone in finding a gentle, proven solution,

tailored to the needs of your child and your family.

Email  or call to learn more, or to schedule a consultation.

In home consultations can be scheduled in the San Diego & surrounding  areas.