"Working to form lasting sleep behaviors for Olivia is the best choice I have made for her thus far.  Being able to have guidance from someone reassuring and knowledgeable each morning, about what was happening at all hours of the night, gave me the willpower and confidence to keep at it until patterns stuck.  Olivia has slept for 11-12 hours every single night since she was 3 months old.  There is no better feeling than getting that sleep back after months of looking like a hot mess and feeling like a zombie."            Emily,  Encinitas

"Mary was instrumental in helping get my son go to sleep from 6 weeks old.   In my sleep addled, new parent haze, Mary helped devise a bedtime routine that  set the stage for a good night sleep.  Almost a year later, we still follow  the same routine, and because of it, I have never had issues getting my son to  go to sleep.  Her suggestions were simple, but not something a new parent  may necessarily have thought of.  Bedtime is now a stress free and loving  time.  The bonus - because of my son's set bedtime, my husband and I get to  enjoy time together!"           Maria, Washington DC 

I have THE BEST NEWS EVER for you… Baby B has slept the past  two nights in her crib!!!    I layed her down to  sleep there and she slept 4 hours with NO wakings! Then I fed her and she had a  few more wakings but not to eat and I watched her on the video monitor and each  time she woke, she makaged to put herself back to sleep with ZERO CRYING.  Amazing! She even managed to go 5hrs 15minutes between feedings on Sunday night  which is her longest ever by almost an hour! She's been waking up consistently  at 6:30am super happy and well rested and I couldn't be more proud of her. Funny that all this time I was the one afraid of putting her in the crib because I  thought she couldn't handle it… looks like I was the one who couldn't handle it  all of this time :-)

 A bonus to her being so well rested now at night is that her   daytime naps have gone from 45-55 minutes to 1.5-2 HOURS three times a day… Incredible!! She's so much happier and calm as a result of all this and I   couldn't be happier!!!

Thanks again for all of your guidance & support 

Stacie, Encinitas CA

Thank you so much for the visit last week. It definitely helped  us press the re-set button and renewed our commitment to solid consistency.

 We have been implementing the tips you gave us and ...already seeing some positive response from C. and it's quite apparent he is feeling better and appreciates the restored  routine. 

And please know how deeply appreciative we are of your gentle  guidance and support - you helped us tremendously and we are so grateful that we  found you!

Christine, Encinitas, CA

"W is still going strong with 10-11 hours straight of nighttime  sleep, 2-3 hours of day naps and still doing amazingly at falling asleep on his  own, even when we're at Grandma's house! We are so glad that you were able to  help us when you did. I start my new nursing job next Monday and it is such a  relief knowing that I can begin this new chapter without the stress of being sleep deprived like I was for so long before! Thank you again."

Jonna,  Vista CA


We all wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for  everything that you did to help us. With your guidance and support we now have  T. putting himself to sleep for every nap and at nighttime and he is always  sleeping in his crib. We no longer have to feed him to sleep and I no longer  have to feed him at night!

I know there are going to be obstacles along the way but you  gave me information and confidence to keep on the same consistent path with  T.

Erica, Escondido