Sleep Coaching

Gentle Sleep Shaping…The Newborn Right Start 

(This consultation is great for expectant parents, also!)

You’ve brought your  newborn home, and everyone has advice for you...and you’re probably tired of  hearing that a good night’s sleep is a thing of the past.   A baby’s sleep is  disorganized, but there are steps  that you can be taking now for better sleep in the near future.   Unlike some other skills (like learning to walk), the skill of learning how to fall asleep needs to be taught.  All too often we teach them "sleep crutches" so your baby begins to rely on you to rock, walk, sing or nurse them to sleep, rather than how to  self-soothe and fall asleep independently.

 Make no mistake, the most important thing your newborn needs from you is responsive and respectful love, comfort, and care.   So, up to the age of  5 or 6 months I offer you a consultation that will give  you information and guidance about the “Right Start” for your newborn, to help nudge him towards a routine of more organized sleep patterns. 

You will all benefit from knowing more about the science of sleep; how to help your infant begin to distinguish between day and night; the best ways to ensure that your baby is getting the benefits of deep restorative sleep; and what his crying is all about.   You can learn to relax  and trust your instincts while you gently shape the nighttime sleep and naps of your newborn.


Gentle Sleep Coaching

(For Babies from 5 or 6 months old up to children aged 5 or 6 years old)

Sleep Coaching is a relatively new concept, but it can provide you with the professional support that will benefit your entire family.  The optimum time to begin sleep coaching your baby is between the ages of 6 and 8 months. Learning to fall asleep is not instinctual, and so instead, many babies learn to rely on us to put them to sleep through the "sleep crutches" of rocking, patting, motion (swings and car rides), or nursing. 

I will help you gently teach your baby how to fall asleep independently,  self-soothe, and fall back asleep from partial awakenings during the night.

It is to be expected that once your older baby or toddler has learned sleep patterns that rely on you to put him to sleep, it may be more challenging and time consuming to replace these with new patterns.  The good news is that all children can learn new long term sleep routines.  

During Sleep Coaching, I will provide you with non-judgmental and professional support while we assess the sleep disruptions your baby is experiencing; help you choose and prioritize your goals; and create a plan tailored to your needs and  expectations. 

My support will be available to you throughout the entire process until everyone is having a better night’s sleep.  


What is the  process?

 Reach out to me and let’s determine what your child's sleep issues are, and how to best accomplish more restful sleep for all.  There is no single answer that fits all families.

Prior to our initial consultation, you will be asked to complete and send me a detailed history form.  This will provide me with sufficient information to understand the factors that may be causing sleep disturbances.   You will also be asked to keep a simple log of your child's current sleeping and feeding patterns.

Next will be our in-home consultation, covering the basics of good sleep.  Together we will create and implement your personalized plan for long term  success.

I will never ask you to let your child cry without responding, but the manner and consistency of your response to his cries will be an important part of your plan.  Not responding to your upset child goes against one of the most primal urges of parents, and creates an anxiety (which your baby will definitely detect and react to) that could sabotage the whole process.

The goal of Gentle Sleep Coaching will always be to make your child feel safe and comforted, while confidently guiding him to learn the skill of  independent sleep.